We Are Hiring (2019/2020)


?We are hiring and looking for energetic and passionate individuals to join the Sun Valley Indy Family. Do you have a passion for watersports, longboards/skateboards, and/or winter sports? This is the place for you!
With every department in our store we strive to be as knowledgeable and proficient in our craft as we can be. We match our customers to the products that best suit their needs and their aspirations. The maintenance of our customer?s equipment is just as important to us as the boots that they plan to wear for hours upon hours during their trips with the family or business trips when they can sneak off and have fun in the POW.
If you have some knowledge regarding any of the departments we have in our store; that is fantastic. We can use that as a base to add to your knowledge. If by chance you don?t have knowledge in a particular area take a deep breath. We can set a foundation for all areas and build until everyone is comfortable and proficient in all zones. Our veteran staff will help you be successful and grow into a confident salesman.

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