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Summer Apparel


Boot Fitting

If you are looking to get fit for ski boots, snowboard boots, or skate shoes we have an awesome boot it area to try on your selections. Sun Valley prides itself in its boot fitting. Everything about boot fitting is to make sure we find a boot that fits you properly as well as feels great! Step up and let us size your feet.

Winter Apparel

If you are looking for winter apparel, we will have many brands to choose from. We carry brands such as Nikita, Dare 2B, Oakley, Picture Organic Clothing, 686, and so much more. Along with jackets and pants for kids, women, and men we will have base layers from Smartwool, Polar Max, and more.

Trade in Programtrade in program 3

Here at Sun Valley we have a Kids “Trade in Program.” We understand that kids can grow in HUGE SPURTS or grow slowly. The Trade in Program is essentially a three year program. The first year you by the package. The second year if they grew out of their equipment, you will get 50% from your original purchase (as long as it fits in the price parameters) to go to a new set up. The third year you will get 25% back to go towards a new package. The program starts at the point of your first purchase.


On many mountains it is mandatory to wear helmets while you are snowboarding or skiing. In our Helmet World we will have brands like Giro, Smith, Bern, and Anon. Each brand will fit differently and we guarantee that we will have a helmet that will fit you perfectly.


For snowboards we will have a wide variety of kids, women’s, and men’s equipment that will fit beginners up to advanced boarders. Not only will we have new 2014 equipment we will have some clearance stock left over from our tent sale.


Looking for skis? We have system skis as well as flat mount skis that will be perfect for your skier type.   Thank you for coming to our site!!! -Sun Valley Sports Indy Staff   8418 CASTLETON CORNER DR., Indianapolis, IN, 46250 p.(317).577.5500              info@sunvalleysportsindy.com

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Mirage Eclipse Endless Summer Promotion
Until October 15, 2017 you can save $500 on the Mirage Eclipse. The Hobie Eclipse will now be starting at $1999 Break free from the shore. Trade the well-worn path for a waterway. Step out of your routine and onto a pedalboard. The Mirage Eclipse gives you the stability, control and power to chart your
Hobie Inflatable SUPs
Inflatable SUPs or a Regular Hard SUPs How do you know what Stand Up Paddle board would be the right SUP for your needs? Are multiple people going to use the SUP? Will the board need to handle rough areas? Rough handling from kids/teens? Need to cover large bodies of water? Distances? Is the paddle included?

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