2014 skateboard team
Christopher Rickman

How long have you been riding?chris rickman
I’ve been skateboarding since I was 8.
How old are you?
I’m 17.
Where are you from?
Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was born literally two minutes away from Major Taylor, so I guess you can say it was fate. 😀
First set up?
That would be a 7.75 Rob Dyrdek board with matching Alien Workshop wheels and I think a blue and white pair of Thunder trucks. Bones Reds bearings too. Before that it was a World Industries complete from Dicks, back when they sold a few Plan B decks.
What do you do other than skating?
I screw around with Photography and Cinematography. Ive been into photography for a year now and have been making videos for four, but now Im just starting to make legit stuff, or trying to at least. *haha* A friend of mine and I have been trying to make a YouTube channel, and hopefully it all works out.
Favorite spot?
Dang, between the 8 Stair at Lawrence and this 3 block downtown on the canal. I can’t decide! I love skating stairs. There’s nothing like rolling away from a stair set. The 3 block on the canal is busted though, way too many cops. They’d definately give you a ticket for just cruising. It used to not be that way. Time change, though.
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Brett Rush

How long have you been skating?brett
Almost 7 years now.
How old are you?
Im 20.
Where are you from?
I was born and raised in IndiaNAPolis, Indiana.
What was your first set up?
My first set up? Haha hard to tell. I can honestly say I’ve been through about 150 boards. No lie. I wanna say it was a Seek Therapy board, phantom2 trucks, seel wheels, and I wanna say World Industries bearings. Would I go back to it now? NO. haha.
What is your favorite setup?
As for my favorite set-up, as long as the board is an 8.5 I’ll skate it. Size does matter. Hahahaha I’ll always stick with Independent trucks. And I love Bones wheels, but Im diggin these Sublime boys right now. Bearings? As long as they spin I don’t care.
What do you do other than skateboarding?
Other than skateboarding, I work on cars. It’s another hobby of mine. And I love music, and going to concerts.
Sun Valley Indy

“I’ll skate anything. Just give me my board and let’s roll.”

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