New 2015 Elan Ski Lineup

2015 Elan Lineup banner2New 2015 Elan Ski Lineup is looking amazing yet again. This year they have brought back the same great technology with graphics that are simple yet POP! If you are looking for a ski that is easy to get in and out of turns and yet powers through a turn and has fantastic edge hold look no further. Elan will have the right technology for you.





Women’s 2015 Elan Skis

Black Magic QT

If you are looking for smoother turns look no further. With Elan’s WaveFlex technology combined with early rise tip rocker the Black Magic has a softer flex to get into turns but is torsionally stiff allowing for fantastic edge hold and more stable turns.

Delight QT

Have you ever thought about the weight of your skis? In 2012 Elan introduced the Delight to the world and it was an instant favorite. Compared to other skis it feels like you are holding a feather! Elan tweeked their WaveFlex technology and created WaveLight technology to couple with the new light weight materials of the ski providing you with more dynamic turns. Again you will have the benefit of the ski being softer when you ramp up for a turn. Once you are in your turn the support and stability on edge is second to none.

Insomnia Fusion

The Elan Insomnia is a mixture of several Elan technologies. You will have the benefit of a light weight ski with WaveFlex and a single sheet of Titanium. However this ski is elevated by yet another amazing Elan invention. The Insomnia has a designated left and right ski. The outside of each ski will be have a rocker profile, while the inside will have a camber profile. Elan has created the Amphibio series of skis to allow skiers to have full edge hold on the camber side to enable a controlling grip and steadiness at high speeds. The rocker side allows for easier turning. This ski is for the woman looking for the ability to make more powerful turns.

Interra Fusion

The Elan Interra has the same construction as the Insomnia but it is wider in its nose, waist, and tail.

Men’s 2015 Skis

Amphibio 76

The Amphibio 76 is a versatile ski that couples performance and responsiveness. Waveflex is combined with the Power Woodcore and firberglass reinforcement to bring the skier a flexible yet great gripping ski. To make this ski better it has a full sidewall on the inside of the ski for better power transfer and a partial sidewall on the outside to enable easier turning aka Amphibio technology.

Amphibio 78 Ti

The Amphibio 78 Ti is very similar to the Amphibio 76 by having Waveflex, Power Woodcore, and Amphibio technologies. However The Amphibio 78 is reinforced with a layer of Titanium.

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