NEW 2014 Never Summer Lineup!!!

The New 2014 Never Summer Lineup!!! If you don’t agree with their name then you are not a true winter lover. One of the cool things about these is boards is the fact that they are hand made by individual Never Summer employees. Yea you read that right, someone actually put the pieces of the board together. How tight is that? Another cool fact about Never Summer is their 3 year warranty.


Womens Never Summer Lineup


This award winning, high performance board is the go-anywhere, do-anything choice for women. infinity4An all-terrain deck that handles hardpack, powder, natural features and park, the Infinity delivers the quality you deserve from a Never Summer. Hands down this is the most versatile women’s specific, all mountain freestyle snowboard money can buy!


Introducing the NEW Never Summer Onyx. The Onyx has a true twin shape, blunted low profile nose and tail, and Press Flex Core. This shape minimizes material for a lighter more balanced spin weight while extending the effective edge for more stability on takeoffs and landings. The low profile nose and tail for powerful pop that also reduces drag and enables the rider to carry speed into the next feature. The Press Flex Core allows riders to easily manipulate the board for a buttery, fun, and playful ride. The Onyx Damping System (ODS) and the Harmonic Damper Tip/Tail (HDT) work together in perfect harmony to absorb vibration in the nose and tail while increasing liveliness in the cambered areas for crisp performance. The Never Summer Onyx is the gem of women’s freestyle snowboards.

We will also have some 2013 Never Summer boards: Pandora and Lotus (in select sizes)




Mens Never Summer Lineup

Evo/Revolver-evo...revolver 3

The Evo and the Revolver were upgraded this year with a new Low Profile Tip/Tail to increase glide, add floatation and give it a more nimble and agile feel.  The blunted true twin shape offers a lower swing weight while the EDS Dampening system works in perfect union with the new Harmonic Damper (HDT) in the ends. Together EDS and HDT reduces vibration from the tip and tail while being crisp and snappier in the cambered areas. (The Revolver will have a wider platform that its thinner brother the Evo, helps reduce toe drag for anyone with a larger boot.



legacy 6A wider version of the SL, this deck dominates every part of the mountain from parks, to pow, to steeps. Its width reduces toe and heel drag for the bigger rider, but it’s narrow enough to be quick and responsive edge to edge. A deeper sidecut, the Carbon VXR and powerful flex make it the most versatile, high-performance mid-wide board we’ve ever built!

Proto HD/X-

Did you miss out on the Proto CT/X last year? Well dont worry the Proto is an always changing board for proto 4Never Summer and this year you will get some new technology. The NEW Extended Transition Rocker Camber Profile (EXRC) extends the transition area from the ends of the camber to a new Low Profile Tip and Tail (LPT). Glide and float characteristics are increased and pressure over the ends of the contact points are decreased allowing for effortless edge-to-edge transitioning. The blunted true twin shape cuts down on nose and tail material for a reduced spin weight while increasing the effective edge producing superior stability. Unmatched snap, power, and pop, plus amazing powder floatation, edge hold, and high-speed stability makes the Proto HD a versatile and formidable threat for all aspects of snowboarding.


The Never Summer carbonium Cobra features blunted ends for reduced swing weight, utilizes a drawn out nose that knifes thru soft snow, and a blunted quick spade tail to enhance float in powder. Slightly setback for a more directional ride the Cobra comes raptorequipped with a dual top and bottom carbon matrix that provides incredible power underfoot. The Cobra is the highest performance and most versatile all mountain board ever made. Its futuristic shape combined with the time tested edge hold of Vario Power Grip Sidecut gives you the ability to strike any terrain with deadly force.


The Raptor is a high performance freeride/freecarve snowboard. Armed with Never Summer SuperLight wood core and extensive Carbonium Laminate Technology (CLT), the Raptor is a lightweight weapon that has taken freeride performance to a new level in carving, stability and versatility. Featuring a directional Rocker/Camber profile designed specifically for the Raptor that combines a longer front camber and rear shifted rocker that increases carving performance, high speed stability and powder floatation. Capped off with the ultra-tech look of our durable Carbonium top-sheet, this is a snowflake killing machine!
(we will also have some 2013 Never Summer Mens boards: SL, Evo, Premiere F1. (in select sizes)

Kids Evo Minievo 4.0

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