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Kari Traa is not just a champion freestyle skier with three Olympic medals to her name, but also the creator of on one of the fastest growing brands worldwide. Her apparel took Europe by storm and it has made its way over the seas to the United States. kari-traa-2-photoLike most women, when a particular sport is dominated by men, you wear the sometimes drab colorways that are available. Who always wants to wear black and grey? Well Kari had that feeling. She would cut her sponsors logos off of their beanies and attach it to her own creation. Until one day she decided to just create her own brand. “For Girls, By Girls.”

We have several different styles of base layers in very eye catching and flattering patterns. Get the feel and fit from Kari Traa base layers that you haven’t had with any other brand. If you “Love to Stay Hot” or if you “Want to Keep Dry,” its here.


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