Hobie Inflatable SUPs

Inflatable SUPs or a Regular Hard SUPs

How do you know what Stand Up Paddle board would be the right SUP for your needs?

  • Are multiple people going to use the SUP?
  • Will the board need to handle rough areas?
  • Rough handling from kids/teens?
  • Need to cover large bodies of water? Distances?
  • Is the paddle included? Should I get a fixed length or adjustable?

So how do you choose? We understand the dilemma. Come to the shop and try a SUP in our pond to find the right fit. (Blow-Molded Polyethylene, Polystyrene Core, Bamboo Composite Epoxy 4 Phase, Inflatable)

We are going to dive into one style of SUP in this post. All companies will have a type of Inflatable SUP available. Currently we carry the Series 6 models from Hobie (Adventure 10.8 and the Tour 12.6). To ensure the best experience on the water, Hobie added components that help add stability and comfort as well as durability.
To increase stability and structural rigidity, thousands of tiny threads made from polyester filaments connect the top and bottom layers of the deck together. This increases the performance of the boards without sacrificing the boards portability. S3 control plates increase stability and rigidity underfoot. They also are perfect for showing you the best placement for your feet.

What does an Inflatable SUP come with?

Hobie Inflatable SUPs come will all the necessary pieces that you will need to get out on the water. First, you get a pump and gauge so you can properly inflate your SUP. Second, you get a removable dolphin fin. It slides into its channel and locks without any issues. Now you are ready to get out on the water. Don’t forget your third item which happens to be a 3-piece adjustable paddle. This paddle will fit any person who will be getting onto your SUP. Your fourth item will be an orange canister containing multiple pieces in case you need to make a repair. Finally, you get a nifty storage bag. At the end of the day deflate your sup, roll it up, and put it in your bag and throw it on your back or in the back of your vehicle.

Why would you choose an Inflatable SUP?

  1. Is transportation/storage an issue? Cant fit a regular SUP on top of your vehicle? Where are you going to store your SUP when you are done for the season?
  2. Do you have children who will want to use it? Inflatables are durable and handle everything kids can throw at it. The SUP can also handle dog nails incase your furry friend gets a little scared or if he is adventurous.
  3. Want to make sure the board still looks good and doesn’t look like it was thrown around and faded? The aesthetics of the Inflatable SUPs are going to stay intact due to the material it is made out of as well as how it is treated before it leaves the facility. If you use the proper cleaner you can clean all dirty off of the SUP. Then add a UV protectant and it will also help revitalize the colors on the board.
  4. Is weight an issue? Inflatable SUPs are 27lbs. When it is inflated it feel effortless to carry. When it is rolled up and in the bag, that is when you feel the weight but it is easier to control than trying to add length in the mix as well.
  5. Worried about getting tossed off in rough water? The Inflatable SUPs will absorb the choppy feel of the board and stop the vibration from traveling up your legs.

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