Ford 63rd Annual Indianapolis Boat, Sport, & Travel Show

Indianapolis Boat, Sport, & Travel Show

indianapolis-boat-showThe Ford 63rd Annual Indianapolis Boat, Sport, & Travel Show is just around the corner.  Renfro Productions created one of the most anticipated shows of the year, not to mention the Largest Sports Show in the nation.  This show will have everything you can possibly imagine. Fishing enthusiasts, games, travel and tourism, Tackle Town USA, and more. Not to mention the 26th Annual Indiana Motorcycle Expo as well as the 20th Indiana Deer, Turkey, and Waterfowl Expo.

This will be the first year that Sun Valley Sports Indy will be at the Indianapolis Boat, Sport, & Travel Show.  We are excited to be part of this great Indianapolis tradition.  Each year we have grown and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you during the 2017 summer season.  At this year’s, Indianapolis Boat, Sport, & Travel Show we will be showcasing our spring/summer lineup.   

Last year you may have seen Sailboat Inc. showcasing Hobie kayaks.  This year, we will have the honor and the privilege to display the new 2017 Lineup of Hobie Kayaks.  Hobie strives to be the best and is always innovating new ideas to better their customers experience in all facets while they are on the water. 

We will also be showcasing our other products that will allow you to have the most enjoyable experiences during your boating exertions.

Hobie Kayaks

Hobie Mirage 180

the MirageDrive 180 produces full power in both directions and offers unprecedented maneuverability. The user can pull one of two shift cables to pivot the fins 180 degrees, almost instantly from forward to reverse and back again. The dual fins provide shallow water access and easy shore landings by simply pushing one pedal forward.

Hobie Eclipse

In 2016, Hobie released the Eclipse.  They engineered

Hobie Mirage Eclipse

Hobie Mirage Eclipse

a stand-up paddle board that can tackle anything that the water throws at it while also accommodating a newly designed mirage drive.  This unique Stand-up Paddle Board has a distinct shape that creates greater stability and superior water navigation.  Wind, waves, and wake are no match to the superior design of the Hobie Eclipse.  Not to mention with the addition of the new Mirage Drive, you can peddle through smooth, rough, or choppy waters. 

The versatility of the Eclipse is unparalleled to all other Stand-up paddle boards on the market.  With the inclusion of the Mirage Drive they installed handle bars and a rudder!  The handle bars are reminiscent of the brakes on a bicycle.  To change directions simply squeeze the hand lever to go in the preferred direction.  However, if you would like to use the Eclipse like a regular Stand-up Paddle board and get a different style of core workout, you have that ability.  Remove the handle bars, install your cassette, lock your rudder into place, and grab your paddle and away you go. 

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We will also have:







The Indianapolis Boat, Sport, and Travel show is just around the corner! We’ll see you on Friday February 17th at 8am.

We will be in the Champions Pavilion:

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Sun Valley Sports will be in the Champions Pavilion




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