Mirage Eclipse Endless Summer Promotion

Until October 15, 2017 you can save $500 on the Mirage Eclipse.

The Hobie Eclipse will now be starting at $1999

Break free from the shore. Trade the well-worn path for a waterway. Step out of your routine and onto a pedalboard. The Mirage Eclipse gives you the stability, control and power to chart your own course. The water is waiting. You in?

Stats Eclipse 10.5 Eclipse 12.0
Crew: 1 1
Length: 10′ 6″ / 3.2 m 12′ / 3.66 m
Width: 33.5″/0.85 m 35″/0.89 m
Capacity: 225lbs/102kg 275lbs/125kg
Fitted Hull Weight: 43.2lbs/19.6kg 48lbs/21.7kg
Fully Rigged Weight: 54lbs/24.5kg 58.9lbs/26.7kg
Hull Construction: ACX ACX

**ACX- Advanced Composite Epoxy

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We’re Hiring for 2018/2019 Winter Season
We are hiring and looking for energetic and passionate individuals to join the Sun Valley Indy Family. Do you have a passion for watersports, longboards/skateboards, and/or winter sports? This is the place for you! With every department in our store we strive to be as knowledgeable and proficient in our craft as we can be.
NEW 2018 Hobie Matting Kits
New for the 2018 season, Hobie has collaborated with Marine Mat to make specific matting kits for a few kayaks in the lineup. Hobie focused on the Compass, Outback, Pro Angler 12, and Pro Angler 14. Compass Matting Kits The Compass is available in one colorway (Grey/Charcoal) that is compatible with both Slate and Seagrass.

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