Custom Geaux Meeshell and Nebular Skateboards

Geaux Meeshell and Nebular Skateboards


Length: 37 3/8″
Width: 9 5/8″
Concave: 5/8″ Elliptical
Wheelbase: 22 5/8-26 3/8″

Single Kick skate it all board. Short to Longer Wheel bases. Big Flares, Mellow Kick. Freeride it, Downhill It, Hit the Park with It.


Length: 40 7/8″
Width: 9 1/2″
Concave: 5/8″ Elliptical
Wheelbase: 24-29″
A Big Double Kick. Slight Rocker, Flush Mounting, Short to Long Wheel bases. Freeride it, Downhill it, Dance on it.


Length: 35″
Width: 9 1/2″
Concave: 5/8″ Elliptical
Wheelbase: 15 3/4″-16 1/2″
Double Kick. Massive Pop, Big Flares, Drilled for TKP’s or RKP’s-Parks, Bowls, Freeride, Freestyle, Street.


Tiki Dancer

Length: 46″
Width: 9.75″
Wheelbase: 31.5″
Kicks: 5.25″
It has a wide flat bottom the raises up to a 1/4″ concave at the rails. Between the mellow concave, and the vacuum pressed 7-layer maple construction there is a lot of dampening for that smooth ride.

Dino Nugget

Length: 36″
Width: 9 1/2″
Wheelbase: 22″-27″
It features a deep 1″ rocker, elliptical concave with progressive flares. One of the features for The Dino Nugget the “Fuel Injectors” or “modern gas pedals”. Instead of a little routed edge, we create a cup to hug the ball of your foot and identify where your foot is on the board.

The Nellzilla with the Dino Nuggets.

The Nellzilla with the Dino Nuggets.

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