BIC Windsurfer

Are you looking to try something new this year? Look no further thanbw2013_mosaiquewebsite_sup_11-6_0 the BIC Windsurfer. This particular board can be used like a regular SUP board with the regular 10.0 dolphin fin in the rear, or add the dolphin fin and pull out the daggerboard to go windsurfing!

There are a few different styles of boards that you can purchase to attain all of your windsurfing fun. BIC makes a boards called the BIC Rig NovaTechno and Techno One Design that come in varying model styles. These boards range between 8′-9′ long and about 2 and a half feet wide. These particular windsurfing boards are made to be agile and super quick on the water. There are also four ergofoam fitting footstaps on the board, allowing you to change your position on the board.

If you are on a more land locked body of water or are just looking for a more versatile option we have the board for you. BICs Ace-tec 11’6″ Wind features a mastfoot track as well as a retractable daggerboard, making this one of the most adaptable boards for windy and calm conditions.  The volume and width of the board allow for equal distribution of the board and rider s weight, offering excellent lateral stability without compromising performance.

BIC Windsurfer

Whether you are looking at the smaller windsurfing specific boards or the SUP/windsurfer you are getting the same technology with the construction. All of the boards listed above are ACE-TECs.  These light weight boards are created using low density polystyrene core, covered by a fiberglass coat with carbon fibre reinforements. Resin is then applied to this fibre, and the whole mix undergoes a high-pressure thermoforming procedure in one single process. That gives optimum results from the materials, reducing weight and giving a performance equal to more expensive sandwich construction boards but with much better resistance to knocks than epoxy sandwich.


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