Hiring 2022-2023 Winter Season

We are hiring for this upcoming winter season!       

Do you love snow sports? How about getting new people into skiing and snowboarding? If that’s you, then we want you to join our team! You’d learn how to properly fit gear, recommend equipment, and most importantly, make that a fun process for the Indianapolis community!

**Here at Sun Valley, our training program ensures employees will become experts in all things snow sports**

**We take great pride in our Boot Fitting  technique and will train you to understand all of the small nuances that will help our customers have the most enjoyable time out on the slopes!

Join us for this upcoming Winter Season and help us share the passion of skiing and snowboarding. Winter is always better and more tolerable when you have a fun activity to do.

If you have question pretaining to Sun Valley Sports Employment please give us a call at 317.577.5500 or you can email us at info@sunvalleysportsindy.com